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One Bedroom Apartment

Wash/fold, package delivery, maintenance tracking and guest services.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 95 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Consistency is key when hiring a cleaning team for your listing! Our team covers all the basics and even more. What's Included: Bedrooms: -Strip the sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers off the beds that have been used and wash them. -Put new sheets on the bed. -Wipe down table tops. -Wipe down headboard and rails -Look under the bed / Clean Under Bed -Vacuum/ Polish floors. -Place personal items in closets and bedside tables -Place any personal effects in the designated area per client -Wipe window seals -Sweep Baseboards -Organize Drawers if applicable, and wipe any debris Bathrooms: -Clean toilets, in, around, and behind. -Clean countertop -Clean sinks and drain. -Clean showers. -Fold over the toilet paper edge into V. -Sweep Baseboards Set out new / design towels: -Place one set of towels in the bathroom on the appropriate bars and the remainder of the towels folded neatly on the bed for turndown staging. -Place others in storage area in trifold, facing outward. -Sweep and mop the floors (be sure to get around the toilets and in the corners really well). -Empty out the trash cans. -Set out/ Organize /Wipe Down Shampoo, Conditioner, and Soap for clients. All will go on the shelf in the shower or in the bathroom caddie / designated per client request. -Organize Under Counter, Place frequently used front facing to ease of use to client -Wipe / Check drawers for hair, debris -Wipe Down / Check under the cabinet and organize items Kitchen: -Clean inside and outside of all Appliances -Wipe counters -Clean sink with Magic Eraser/ Stainless Steel Cleaner (this seems to be the only cleaner that gets the dark spots off of the white sink). -Clean out Coffee Maker. -Refill coffee canister as needed. -Sweep Baseboards -Hand Wash any dishes in the sink and empty the dishwasher if it's full and clean. -Restock paper towels and trash bags (check under the sink to see if there are any, if not put one extra paper towel roll and 3 kitchen trash bags under the sink). -Take out the kitchen trash. -Sweep and mop floors. -Check coffee and creamer level every so often. Living Room and Dining Room: -Wipe off tables / dust. -Tidy up the couch Check Under Cushions (put the throw pillows and blanket in their correct places) -Confirm the remote is on the TV table. -Check under sofa and sofa cushions -Vacuum Rugs. -Sweep and Mop Floors. General House Cleaning: Sweep off front and back porch

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